Slow down. Think. Experience.

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Write on typewriter.

Everyone today is behind schedule, frazzled, constantly connected, and living a frantic life. Everything is so fast it’s hard to appreciate the moment. The moments come and go and we’re left to feel we’re constantly running out of time.

But you can slow it down.

I’ve been collecting and restoring vintage and antique typewriters for years. I love writing on them. I love the feel of having a thing in my hands when I’m done; a physical, tangible piece of evidence that I’ve done something. When I write on a typewriter, it’s not some digital imprint on a glowing piece of glass that will flutter away into nothingness. I keep it. I have it. It exists.

Typewriters = Low-Tech, Not Digital

Each of my typewriters are tangible; they’re real. They’re objects of functional art. They’re old machines with character, and unique, different personalities.

I’ve sold typewriters to writers, collectors, and decorators across the country. I’ve sold them to octogenarians who have never used, or wanted to use, a computer. I’ve sold them writers who want to work without distraction. I’ve sold them to parents with children who have never seen—much less used—one, and think they’re exotic remnants of long ago. I’ve sold them to wedding planners, movie studios, and lovers of anything cool, retro, and vintage.

My typewriters are unique. They’re personal. They each have decades of untold stories behind them that I’ll never know.

You can have them too.

I am always finding, reconditioning, and adding typewriters to my store . Whether you want a decorative machine for a party or wedding, a working machine for the old-soul in your house, or the chance to create and live without distraction, I can match you with the right typewriter.

Sometimes living better means slowing down. And having time, real time, to think, write, and explore, is a luxury that’s hard to find today. But what’s old is new, and my typewriters help me live a better life. I think they can help you too.

You can find my current listings through my Etsy store; Mahogany Rhino.

– Mark

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